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OlifantIndividual and personal

We are a Windhoek based tour operator organizing Safaris through Namibia and Botswana. Our concept is based on personal care and individual style.


Self drive Botswana Safari

Okavango Delta (13 Days)

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1. Day:    Arrival in Windhoek

After your arrival at the Hosea Kutako International Airport we bring you to Namibia’s capital city, Windhoek, about 40km away.  Once we have checked you in at your accommodation, either a hotel or pension depending on your request, you can make use of the remainder of the day to settle down and relax.  The inner city invites you to take a stroll down the main street and do some sightseeing; alternatively we can take you on a guided city tour.

Kilometres for the day: ±40

Overnight with Breakfast at Hotel Thule.

2. Day:    Kalahari   

GiraffeYour safari begins in the early morning heading East through the Kalahari Desert crossing the border into Botswana.  In contrast to the Namib Desert the Kalahari has more vegetation, based on the climate that brings rain more frequently.  After a drive through this interesting landscape you reach Ghanzi, a small town, which was hailed the capital of ivory trade in this region for years.  Here you are accommodated in the Tautona Lodge.

Kilometres for the day: ±500

Overnight at Tautona Lodge with Dinner and Breakfast.

3. Day:    Moremi National Park   

The safari continues in a northerly direction, passing Maun, through ever-changing landscape to the Moremi National Park.  The Okavango delta with its abundant vegetation is a paradise for animals and reason for the fact that the national park, founded in 1963, ranks amongst the most beautiful parks in Africa.  Your accommodation for tonight is the Moremi Camp.

Kilometres for the day: ±40.

Overnight at Moremi Camp / Full inclusive.

4. & 5. Day:    Moremi National Park   

BüffelThe next two days are spent in the Moremi National Park.  The magnificent landscape with its abundant fauna and flora makes these days unforgettable.  Zebra, wildebeest, buffalo, elephant and many more roam the park ensuring that you won’t be bored.  This park is well-known for its large lion packs, which are often seen resting during the day in the shade of large trees.  The Moremi tented camp remains your accommodation during these two days.

Kilometres for the day: depending on your choice

Overnight at Moremi Camp / Full inklusive.

6.& 7. Day:    Savuti - Chobe National Park

Today’s drive leads you along the dried up Khwai River into the Chobe National Park up to today’s destination, the Savuti-Marsh.  Savuti, described by some as the best location for game watching, is a legend in itself.  Here it’s pure Africa, extreme wilderness, mixing harshness and romance of the bush.  This area is known for its large elephant population, lions and spotted hyenas.  Your accommodation will be the Savuti tented camp.

Kilometres for the day: ±250

Overnight at Savuti Safari Lodge / Full inclusive.

8. Day:    Kasane – Chobe National Park

ChobeAfter breakfast your journey continues through the Chobe National Park along Lake Liambezi, which has been dried up for years, towards Kasane.  Due to the fact the Chobe National Park is not fenced in, the herds can roam freely even across national borders.  The elephant herds in northern Botswana are hence amongst the most natural herds in the world.  The Chobe Safari Lodge near Kasane is your destination for today.

Kilometres for the day: ±250

Overnight at Chobe Safari Lodge with Dinner and Breakfast.

9. Day:    Victoria Falls – Chobe National Park   

Vic-FallsDuring the course of today you’ll visit the Victoria Falls, the largest water falls in Africa.  David Livingstone was the first European to discover these falls in 1855.  A couple of activities are offered here, such as bungee-jumping and white water rafting (not included in the original offer).  Again you spend your night at the Chobe Safari Lodge.

Kilometres for the day: ±100

Overnight in the Chobe Safari Lodge with Dinner and Breakfast.

10. Day:    Caprivi    - Namibia

Today you leave the Chobe National Park and Botswana and cross the border of Namibia into the Caprivi Strip.  Two large rivers flow through this area: the Okavango and the Kwando.  The Okavango, being the third largest river in southern Africa, flows into the Okavango Delta, the largest landlocked river delta in the world, in the northern Kalahari.  Crocodile and hippopotamus are at home in the Okavango.  Your final stop for today is Mahango Lodge.

Kilometres for the day: ±300

Overnight at Mahango Lodge with Dinner and Breakfast.

11. Day:    Mahango National Park   

NilpferdThe nearby Mahango National Park in Botswana is the destination of today’s outing.  The wide flood plains of the Okavango dominate the landscape of the park.  The dense forests along the river are home to a wealth of birds, such as the Knysna Lourie, the Cape Parrot and the Fishing Owl.  The remainder of the animal kingdom is just as diverse: Sable and Roan antelope, Reed and Bush buck, as well as numerous elephant wander through the sandy forests.  Crocodiles lie on the sunny riverbanks and hippopotamus play in the water.

Kilometres for the day: ±150

Overnight at Mahango Lodge with Dinner and Breakfast.

12. Day:    Okavango Delta   

Your journey now leads you back South along the western part of the Okavango Delta.  In this area different tribes settled during the 60’s of the last century, wanting to avoid the civil war in Angola.  On your way to Ghanzi it is worthwhile to visit the local Museum, to learn more about the people living in this area.  Today’s destination is Tautona Lodge in Ghanzi.

Kilometres for the day: ±400

Overnight at Tautona Lodge with Dinner and Breakfast.

13. Day:    Windhoek                                   

Today you drive back through the Kalahari to Windhoek, Namibia, where you are again accommodated in one of the hotels or pensions.  Enjoy the evening in the capital city with a final sun downer and let the impressions of the previous few days sink in.

Kilometres for the day: ±500

Overnight at Hotel Pension Steiner with Breakfast.

14. Day:    Departure from Windhoek

After a satisfying, relaxed breakfast we take you to Hosea Kutako International Airport.  The time has come for you to say: “GOOD BYE, NAMIBIA!!!”.

Kilometres for the day: ±40


Price per Person: N$ 64 620.00 from 2 Persons

Rates valid: 01.01.2019 - 01.01.2020

Includet in the Price is the following :

  • 1x Accommodation at Hotel Pension Steiner with Breakfast, Transfer from / to the Airport / City Tour.
  • 1 x Accommodation  at Tautona Lodge with breakfast and Dinner.
  • 3 x Accommodation at Moremi Camp / Full inklusive.
  • 2 x Accommodation  at Savuti Safari Lodge / Full inklusive.
  • 2 x Accommodation at Chobe Safari Lodge with Dinner / Breakfast.
  • 2 x Accommodation  at Mahango Safari Lodge  with Dinner / Breakfast.
  • 1 x Accommodation at Tautona Lodge with breakfast and Dinner.
  • 1 x Accommodation  at Hotel Pension Steiner with breakfast, Transfer to the Airport.
  • Vehicle (Airconditioned ) with Full insurance, 24 Hour Recovery Service.  
  • Road Maps.

Not includet is the following

  • Meals not mentioned, Personnel Souvenirs, Flight from / to Namibia, Visa for Zimbabwe, Park Entry Fees.