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Guided and unguided Botswana Safaris

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Impala Tours

OlifantIndividual and personal

We are a Windhoek based tour operator organizing Safaris through Namibia and Botswana. Our concept is based on personal care and individual style.


Self drive Safaris Namibia & Botswana

Explore Namibia and Botswana on your own with our perfectly organized Safaris that can also be Tailor Made to Suit all Your Travel needs. Our 24 Hour backup service will ensure to You take we are there for You in any (unlikely) case of emergency.

Find some options of our self drvie Safaris

Namibia self drive Safaris

Southern Namibia (14 Days)

Namibia for Beginners (14 Days)

Highlights of Namibia (16 Days)

Namibia in detail (18 Days)

Botswana self drive Safaris

Okavango Delta and Vic Falls (13 Days)