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Guided and unguided Botswana Safaris

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Impala Tours

OlifantIndividual and personal

We are a Windhoek based tour operator organizing Safaris through Namibia and Botswana. Our concept is based on personal care and individual style.


Namibia Safaris

Impala Tours was founded in 1999 as a travel company in Namibia, by the von Flotow family, and still runs it today. We will ensure that our guests will experience an personal touch with us, and why we love Namibia so much. 

Our membership of the NTB, the Namibian Tourism Board, assures you that you are dealing with a qualified travel companies.

We specialise in Active holiday, Family holiday, photo safaris and much more!

Namibia - Paradise for self driversSelf-Drive Tours

With this Travel Option our Guests can explore Namibia individually as Self Drive. The Roads in Namibia are in immaculate condition, and due to the fact that we are reachable on our 24 hour emergency number, you can still enjoy a healthy safety factor. In thought, we are traveling with you.

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Guided tours

Enjoy the comfort of a Guided Safari through Namibia and Botswana. Our very knowledgeable Guides will show you all the hidden gems of the Country and will make your holiday an unforgettable journey. 

Our Guided tours

Fly-in Safaris

From a Bird’s eye view. –This Travel option offers you an exceptional high standard of Safari through Namibia and Botswana. The accommodation facilities that we handpicked for these Safaris are from the highest standards. Perfect for a Honeymoon journey, or just the time concerned traveller that still would like to have Holiday without covering long distances.

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Guided Camping Safaris

Experience Africa as Hemmingway - indulge yourself, away from the most driven tourist routes our camp is set up by a professional team, which endows our tents with beds, carpets, showers and bathrooms.

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Rental car

Currently, our fleet consists of 19 vehicles. Each vehicle is carefully inspected before the rent, and an introduction to the vehicle and the local traffic and road conditions is self-evident. Our in-house workshop provides for the regular maintenance of our vehicles. A 24-hour breakdown service is one of our criteria.

Car Rental in Namibia

Safaris in Namibia at its best.